Managing Your Brand's Online Presence & Information Has Never Been Easier.  

With our full-fledged business and voice search listing services, you can manage your brand's information across 70+ websites, all from a single source.

25X Online Exposure.  


Experience unparalleled dissemination of information across Facebook, Apple Maps, Google My Business, and over 100 third-party applications, social networks, and maps. Simply click a button, and your information will be automatically updated across various websites.

Stand out from your competitors & convert 

Distinguish your business from competitors and draw in a maximum number of consumers with comprehensive data throughout the web. Display texts, videos, and images of your menus, biographies, and products, and simultaneously update everything across more than 70 top sites, social networks, and apps from a single point of origin.


Adapt in real time. 

Automate the Entire Process.


Businesses frequently update their information. Whether it's offering a special discount, updating a bio, opening a new store, or revising contact details, all of this can be updated across various websites with just a click.


Reject inaccurate information and prevent customer frustration!

Optimize Your Business for Voice Search

Over 50% of searches are now voice searches. Devices and applications such as Google Assistant, Alexa, and Microsoft Cortana are increasingly being used by people to perform complex searches.

For example, one might say, "Alexa, find an Indian restaurant near me that is open now and serves Punjabi cuisine." With Elevated Mindz Services' business and voice search listing services, updating your business information across various search engines, both text and voice, on the World Wide Web is simplified, ensuring your potential customers can easily find your business.


Say Hello to Direct Connections!


2.7x More likely to be considered reputable

50% More likely to lead to a purchase


70% More likely to attract location visits


Complete business listings get 7x more clicks than empty listings!


Pricing & FAQ

What's the pricing structure for business and voice search listings?

We offer the most affordable pricing structure globally. Subscribe to our service for $50 each month or just $900 for a single location. We also offer bundled packages as well as special discounts for multiple locations. 

What's included here?

Your business information will be stored on more than 70 directories or high-profile websites, and you can update all of it, depending on your requirements at the touch of a button.

You can update business contact info, team bios, address, products, menus, coupons, coupons, and so much more. Also don't forget the images and videos. 

With full reporting dashboard, you can view and access clicks and views across different sites plus review status.

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Manage and update your business information on 70+ different high-profile websites and business listings from a single source with Umbrella Local's top-notch Business & Voice Search Listing service.


Say no to irrelevant information across different websites that often leads to miscommunication and a bad impression in front of your clients or target audience.


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