How To Send a Broadcast Message in Aweber

With an AWeber account, you have the ability to create as many campaigns as you’d like in order to segment your subscribers and target them with only relevant information.

Sometimes, however, you have a message to send that applies to everyone, or perhaps a specific combination of your campaigns. Fortunately, when composing a broadcast message from one campaign, you have the option to include others in the mailing.

Step By Step Instructions

After you’ve created your message, click the “Send” button to send/schedule your broadcast.

From the “Broadcast Settings” page, there is a section called “Who should receive this message?”. Click the “Edit” button in this section.

Check the “Include” box next to the list you’d like to include. To include all lists, check the top “Include” box. Once complete, click the “Apply” button.

Note: You do not need to check the “Exclude” option for lists you do not want to include – simply do not check the “Include” box on those lists.