The Customer Value Journey is the process every prospect goes through to become a new customer.

It’s how strangers become buyers and, eventually, raving fans of your business.

The hard truth is that marketing is not a one-step process. There are eight stages you must account for on the path to purchase and promotion.

But I have great news.  If you understand that process (aka the Customer Value Journey) then you can intentionally engineer your business in such a way that it moves people predictably through these stages.

In other words, you’ll no longer wonder if you’ll be able to generate leads.  You won’t have to cross your fingers and hope for customers.  When you understand the Customer Value Journey, even reviews and referrals will become automatic.

The Customer Value Journey is the foundation of everything we do here at DigitalMarketer. In a way, it’s the roadmap of everything we teach.

It’s so important that we will make this bold statement:

The job of marketing is to move prospects and customers seamlessly and subtly through each phase of the Customer Value Journey.


Set up a Simple Marketing Campaign

Ok, it’s time to put all of this together and take some action.

You’re going to need:

  • A place to type or write some notes
  • Your completed Customer Value Journey roadmap
  • Your completed Before and After Grid

Let’s do this in 3 simple steps:

Step 1 – Looking at your Customer Value Journey roadmap, decide which part of the journey you would like to affect with a marketing campaign and type out the Campaign Goal.

Step 2 – List any content you will need to execute this campaign including sales or email copy, videos, blog posts or podcasts.

Step 3 – List the traffic source and the call-to-action for the campaign.

At the top of your notes, you should see something like this:

  • Campaign Goal: Convert to Excite to Ascend
  • Content: Email Copy and Creative
  • Traffic Source: Email Marketing
  • Call-to-action: Join our membership website today!