Complete Guide to Generating Targeted Leads On Instagram for Free


Learn How I was able to add over 1,300+ followers and generate 361+ leads in only 3 days using these simple tricks.

Why Use Instagram?

200 Million Instagram UsersFrom 2013 – 2015 Instagram grew by over 40% going from over 150 million users to over 200 million people; 70% of which claim to log in on a daily basis to view and post images.  This makes it one of the world’s largest mobile platforms and one of the fastest growing social networks.

With Facebook and Twitter sending out onslaughts of advertisements at an unprecedented rate people are becoming numb to promotional content.  This includes your plea for your followers to click on your link, view your offer, and potentially buy from you.   Neither social site is “dead” by any means, but missing out on the potential of “ad-free” Instagram would be a huge mistake.

People respond to images over text content, and pictures have the ability to evoke an emotional response instantly while text requires a person to visualize the intended message.

Your images on Instagram create a unique connection between you and your potential prospects that a simple tweet or facebook status may not be achieving.

Lastly, spam is less prevalent on Instagram making followers more likely to take a look at the “link in your bio”

The basic setup for generating leads from your Instagram profile.


Your Description:

Use a description that is attractive to people who stumble on your profile.  You want them to get a sense of who you are, and not just what you business is about.  You’ll notice in my description above that I include both a piece about me as an entrepreneur as well as a quick personal item.

Adding stickers breaks up the text and that subtle visual will act as a “pattern interrupt

I recommend scanning a few Instagram profiles and notice how much more the stickers cause those profiles to stand out to you versus plain text descriptions.  Do your best to use stickers relevant to the words you are using.

Include a call to action.  Just like on a sales page, or within a blog post, this simple call to action will increase your number of clicks dramatically.  People are direction takers… give someone a direction and they’ll be much more likely to follow the direction than to think to take action on there own.

Link in your bio:

I used to simply have a link to my blog.  However, even if my blogs home page gave a compelling story and an excellent call to action, most Instagram users are simply scanning through profiles and moving on- they likely won’t read an entire article AND click on an ad or link within that article.

 Using a compelling capture page is more likely to capture an email address and your email follow will remind them to go back and check out your offer at a later time.

Use a URL that gives the prospect an idea as to what they are about to see while still retaining enough mystery to cause them to take a look now instead of deciding to come back to it later.  Most people won’t remember to return to your bio very often. links, and other link shorteners, tend to appear more spammy.  Invest in a clean URL.

How to drive traffic to your instagram profile.

In the most basic sense Instagram is similar to a CPM offer.  (cost per mili, or cost per impression).  Essentially you have the same ability to create and target a niche market audience and drive them to your “ad” (your bio description).  Just like when running a CPM offer your goal is to put your offer in front of that audience as often as possible while optimizing your click through rates and and narrowing your focus until you discover your avatar (perfect customer for your product/service).

Tracking your results can be difficult when using Instagram, but the concept is still the same.   Get more targeted views to your Instagram profile and give them a call to action to click on your link, capture their information, and follow up to get the sale.

The simplest way to attract viewers is with hashtags.

Instagram uses hashtags as a search filter, and users can search for images based on the hashtags placed in the comments.

For EXAMPLE: If I post a picture of me at the beach one of my hashtags might be #BeachLife.  Anyone searching for that hashtag will find my picture, can click on my username, and will be directed to my profile that includes the URL to my capture page.

While this does work, it is an incredibly slow process, and shouldn’t be your only strategy.

Interact with other Instagram users.

Doing the inverse of the strategy described above is effective as well.

Search for relevant hastags such as: inspiration, motivation, law of attraction, business, etc.  Find images that you like and leave a comment.

When you receive a comment on a photo from someone you don’t know, and aren’t following, your tendency is to take a look at who they are.  Commenting on other pictures from people that fall into your niche market is an effective way to illicit the desired response — viewing your Instagram profile.

How to ‘re-use’ your old images on Instagram without re-posting.

This image didn’t receive many “likes” due to the time of day that I posted it.

I used an app called “tags for likes” to find the most searched hashtags of the day and posted the in a comment on my photo.  Within minutes I had another 20 likes on this particular photo and added 3 more followers.  WHY?  Because posting hashtags in the comments section puts your picture back at the top of the hashtag searches.

Doing this with old images allows you to re-use them without having several duplicate pictures.

Have you ever posted something on Instagram that you absolutely loved, but for some reason it received poor interaction?  Try using tags for likes to give it a boost.

Life casting is a term used to describe the accounts of those who post a little taste of what is going on in their life each day, what they’re doing, what they like, who they are with and loads of pointless selfies.

Initially, this worked….. IT DOESN’T WORK SO WELL ANYMORE

When IG first gained it’s popularity, many early settlers just posted tid bits of their life and their accounts grew wildly, not because of their content, but because they were the first there. The days of gaining followers using that technique are long gone. Now people follow you for a reason and unless your super famous, no one really cares who you’re with.

Even those who are famous for something in particular, like a, stylist, make-up artist, author, comedian, etc. should post 80% that relates to what their fan base finds valuable. People still are most interested and getting from you what you are famous for.

Think about it…if you were to follow Will Ferrell, you would expect funny, follow Rachel Zoe, you expect style and if you follow a business expert, you want business tips. A touch of who you are and what you’re doing is great.. but remember the goal is to build your brand and each post that strays from the “reason” why most people started following you may cost you followers and slow the growth potential of your brand. I use MY Personal Instagram to “LIFE CAST” But I use my BUSINESS Profiles to TEACH, GIVE MOTIVATION AND GIVE VALUE.

How to automate Instagram  to gain followers and leads.

Adding over 300 followers and generating 57 leads in 3 days could have easily been an 8 hour per day job.

Instagram can be an awesome tool, but it certainly isn’t worth devoting full time hours to building.

Using a software I am able to automate the entire process, and it takes less than 10 minutes to set up.

What are some awesome things you can do automatically?

  • automatically follow users
  • like and comment on photos
  • unfollow people who don’t follow you back
  • comment on post with specific hashtags on people’s pictures

The entire instagram process can be fully auto-mated and running for you day or night while you go about your day.

Bonus Tip:

Instagram users seem to be more active in the morning from 8am – 10am eastern, and in the evening from 5pm-7pm eastern, Monday – Thursday.   If you want to truly maximize your time I recommend posting your best pictures, with your targeted hash tags along with the recommend options from “tags for likes” during these times.

This works best when you are following and interacting during the day while unfollowing non-followers at night.

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