These 3 Levels of Motivation Create Breakthroughs

Sometimes when you’re building your business, you lose motivation.

Maybe you don’t feel like working.

You’re overwhelmed by the sheer size of the journey ahead


…and sometimes you run into walls, the walls of frustration and discouragement.

Now before you pay close attention and read the entire post, there’s something you’ve got to realize NOW:

Frustration and discouragement aren’t always a bad thing.

Becoming a influential leader or a great entrepreneur means learning how to manage frustration and using it to empower yourself.
To empower yourself to take action every day towards your goals.

You cannot be motivated to do MORE without being a little frustrated with your current reality.

The answer to dealing with frustration and discouragement is to be completely motivated.

To have a big enough WHY.

If you have a big enough why, you’ll always find a how & what. In times of frustration; the solution is always to focus on the dream & vision ahead.

Most of the time, people don’t really need to know what to do. They say they do and they’ll alwayscomplain about it.

Maybe they’ll whine about not having enough ‘how to‘ information…

When the reality is they already know EXACTLY what to do, they simply need to gain more leverage – WHY. Creating leverage is about creating goals and maintaining your hunger. Maintaining and taking care of your motivation.

Motivation isn’t static guys, it’s ever changing and needs to be carefully balanced.

If you don’t pay close attention to the three levels of motivation; you can quickly find yourself hitting the wall of discouragement or the arm of comfort. Maybe just frustration and anger; or that state where you constantly blame others.

Really what you need to do is work on why you’re doing this. Work on your motivation, work on your reason for success in what you’re doing.

Now there are three fundamental levels of motivation, each one more important than the last.

Before you can take massive action that lasts more than a couple of days; you need to make a list for each level. You need to maintain each level carefully & closely.

Do this and you’ll quickly find yourself making new decisions, taking action towards your dreams and getting stuff done (Quick & Easy).

1. Level One: Material Success

The first level is material success. This is the most basic, common level of motivation people use to stay hungry wanting more and taking action in their business and life.

People always want more stuff, or they think they do. Whether you need more material stuff or not, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is you want something enough to take massive action to get it.

Material success is anything physical that motivates us to take action towards our goals. It can be anything that stimulates our senses that’s a direct result of financial gain.

Fast cars, a nice home, vacations, Ps4 ;)…

…maybe a yacht. Whatever your thing is, write it down!

Now I want you to realize; you can have whatever you want. There’s no limitation, because money grows on trees. LITERALLY!!

Material possessions are important, whether you realize it or not. For our own sense of accomplishment, sensory stimulation or even the core reason of motivation.

Any thing. Items you feel you need or want, for one reason or another.

There’s not much you can do without money; which is why it’s such a POWERFUL motivator in most people. Maybe it’s fast cars and luxury homes for you, or the idea of early retirement or taking an extra vacation each year.

Perhaps there’s a product you want to buy, an event you want to attend, or a place you want to visit. Physical things are mentally stimulating, and there’s an ever growing list of ‘things’ to experience or own.

Write down what you want. From the things you want to own, the places you want to travel andexperiences you want to have.

2. Level Two: Respect

The next level of motivation is respect.

Respect is an extremely powerful motivator. Being respected by those you respect. Gaining recognition and being accepted, all can be classed under respect.

Who’s respect do you want?

What’s important to note is this can sometimes to be a useless goal. Some people’s respect you’ll never gain. Perhaps your parent’s don’t approve of what your doing.

Maybe they don’t believe you’ll ever succeed.

Respect from people who don’t understand you or what you do is a useless pursuit. Something that will only serve to push you towards the walls of discouragement and frustration. Respect from people you know, like and trust, people in your field – that’s a powerful motivator.

Maybe you want to be recognized as a leader in your business, in the world of marketing or whatever else. Like me, I used to have a desire of reaching the leader boards of the companies I was a part of.

Whether it was because I wanted respect, recognition or just that I knew it would mean I wasaccomplishing my goals that I set out to accomplish. I did it, fast and easy; because I made a decision to get started and do whatever it would take with the three levels of motivation in mind.

3. Level Three: Purpose & Legacy

What will people say when you’re gone? When people gather around the lunch table for their coffee and smoked salmon sandwich after your funeral; what stories will people tell of you?

Why are you here? What purpose are you going to fulfil? Leaders, great thinkers, powerful entrepreneurs, they all realize this same thing.

Motivation doesn’t last forever; it needs to be carefully maintained and worked on.

Think through the levels of motivation.

Define what you really want, and why you want it.

Once you reach your goals on all three levels, reset them. Reset them, maintain them, get clear and take massive action.
Make a decision to get started now.

You can do it, I believe in you.