THE ADVANTAGES OF              Search Box Optimization


'By leveraging Search Box Optimization marketing, you can execute a strategic maneuver to outpace your competitors. Search Box Optimization. Thinking "inside-the-box" on this occasion can provide the edge you need.'


Search Box Optimization gets results

Until now, to be truly competitive, one had to optimize their search engine presence to appear at the top of the first page and incur costs for each customer click in a pay-per-click campaign. Now, it's possible to outmaneuver the competition, forego pay-per-click expenses, and dominate the entire organic search results.

We call it Search Box Optimization

Through our Search Box Optimization program, we enhance your company's visibility by optimizing the search box - a prime digital real estate where everyone's attention is focused. Imagine your company's name appearing in the auto-suggestions of search engines; it's like receiving an implicit endorsement or being recognized as an authoritative figure. This subtle nudge can significantly influence potential customers to choose your company, especially when it appears that search giants like Google and Bing are nudging them in your direction.

Thinking "inside the box" with Search Box Optimization

Our Search Box Optimization program utilizes advanced techniques to ensure your company's name is prominently displayed where it matters most—the Search Box. This crucial space is where users enter their queries, and with our specialized service, your company's name will appear in the auto-suggestions, creating an impression of high recommendation or authoritative presence. Consequently, users will be naturally inclined to select your company. It will seem as if Google and Bing are suggesting them to do so, from your customer's point of view."

Take the whole page

You built a great business.  Let us help get you in front of the customers. 

You worked hard to build your business.

Nowadays, emerging companies with less experience in your field are outperforming you because they possess greater online expertise. However, being more adept with technology does not necessarily equate to superior customer service.

We are aware of businesses that have thrived for 40 years yet are now losing to newcomers who excel online. It's time for you to reclaim your deserved status.

With Search Box Optimization, you'll be at the forefront of every potential customer's search. Your company's name will appear before anyone seeking your products or services. Elevate your business to the top position again through Search Box Optimization.


Where the search engines suggest where the user should go.

America shops on the first page.

Everybody knows that almost no one goes on to page two of the search results.  Typically what the consumer does is to look at the first page, and if they don't see what they like, they revise their search term and look again.

You can be in the suggestion box provided by Google and Bing.  When the customer is looking for your produce or service, you show up as a suggestion by the search engine. 

Providing consumers the confidence they need to buy from you.

If you are not sure on the keyword to use, we will help

Most of the time, you are aware of the keyword phrases that attract customers. However, occasionally, you may be uncertain about the optimal choices. We are here to assist. Our team of specialists will collaborate with you to identify the most effective keywords for your sector.

Our objective is to establish a durable partnership, beginning with ensuring you utilize keyword phrases that attract new clientele.

Upon receiving your Autocomplete-Optimization order, our team will examine the submitted keyword phrases and will initiate follow-up discussions should we identify any phrases that merit your consideration. We will conduct keyword analysis based on the following criteria:

- Monthly search volume
- Competitiveness of the keyword
- Cost per click for bids
- Searches distinguishing buyers from researchers
- Phrases indicating immediate need