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  • Live training sessions with successful marketers

    Accountability is a huge part of scaling a business online. We hold beginner & advanced webinars every week with our mastermind. Get expert insight with live Q & A sessions along with the webinars.

  • Case studies revealing profitable campaigns

    Sometimes all someone needs is a blueprint to follow that enables them to craft a printing machine. Watch over our shoulders and model live campaigns that are profitable . Model what’s working for us RIGHT NOW.

  • Amazing community of like-minded marketers

    Make a choice to be around the most inspiring, motivational & educated minds in the Internet Marketing space. You become the average of the 5 people who you spend the most time with.

  • Tips & tricks to help you improve your business

    Imagine getting insight on the latest strategies to get more traffic, leads & conversions in your business? Everything from spy tools to ninja software.

  • Ask any questions to a 6 figure internet marketer

    Remember the phrase “Don’t seek advice from someone who’s in your shoes”. When you join today you get direct access to multiple 6+ Figure earners, their knowledge, and their circle of influence. Your network is your networth.

  • Learn how to be more innovative & think outside the box

    Marketing is 90 Psychology & 10% Technical. In order to create winning recipes, you’ll learn to think completely outside the box. What you think works maybe not work at al & vice versa.

  • Participate - you must attend at least 2 training sessions per month

    20% of people are usually the ones making 80% of the income in the industry. This is largely do to procrastination. Our whole community will hold you accountable, It’s up to you to show up to sessions & ask questions.

  • Be active - ask questions, comment on posts and contribute to the community

    We ask that you be active & participate in group discussions. The point of a mastermind is getting people who have similar thinking together to create NEW and INNOVATIVE ideas.

  • Be positive - you must be positive, polite and respect the other members

    We’re called ELEVATEDMINDZ for a reason. We will not tolerate negativity or “broke minds”. This is a community of Positive, Motivated, Helpful, Winning people. Mindset is our Focus first/

Meet the CEO

Carl David

is an innovative young & savvy online marketer who combines strategy, creative concepts and technology to help achieve great results online. I’m a simple guy. I was born in Haiti and grew Up in South Florida. After a some tough obstacles and a confusing Childhood, life dropped me off in Montreal, Canada.

My experiences  both on and off the internet have brought me here. Something brought you here too… I hope that in your time here, you may grow into a person of valuable and inspire others.

This community  is my way of giving back. We house a collection of practical tips & advances strategies to help the curious soul, the marketer, the savvy business woman/man or anyone who wants to propel themselves in online business.

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